National Geographic Magazine (Romania Edition) / July 2011

Mission accomplished
On May 22, while filming and photographing for a documentary on the Dacian Wars, National Geographic collaborator Romania Nicholas Dimancescu, 26 years, fell off a cliff above the Cioclovina Cave in the Sureanu Mountains , and died instantly.
Nicholas and his father, Dan Dimancescu, U.S. born in New England, but with ancestors from the Campulung region and returning to Romania a decade ago, they took on a `generous mission: to make known the history, traditions and charm of their country of origin in America and elsewhere. There followed documentaries on Transylvania, films with elements unusual for Romania in two world wars and magazine articles icluding National Geographic "Test of Fire "(December 2008) and" Knights of the Sky "(December 2010). But other Dimancescu projects are just the beginning: an institute to support young talented filmmakers, the Maria Nobrega Foundation to rescue cultural heritage alive - or communities that keeps crafts, traditions, experience that should not be lost.
"Nicholas died as a young man who sent his spirit to the mythical Zamolxis," Dan Dimancescu said. "The one who falls from a cliff to a sudden death means that he has accomplished his mission. We are left to go to finish what he started."