I saw your documentary entitled 'Hill 789 - The last stronghold' on the Romanian national channel TVR1.
I was so impressed and watching the movie felt very good. It was a huge load of truth, pride and dignity - exactly the fundamentals what my country misses these days. They never told us these stories in the schools, domestic media never was able to produce and deliver such a documentary on this high standards and level of historical accuracy, yet on a very personal and intimate fashion. Excellent !
I felt myself uplifted and proud. Your movie could serve as an international promoter and brand maker for Romania.
Congrats and keep it up with the good work.

A.W. (Timisoara)

I really enjoyed the movie!
There were 2 main aspects that made the whole movie extremely interesting for me.
First of all that you decided to construct it as a personal discovery experience centered on the voyage undertaken by your father during WW1. Retracing his steps across the Romanian landscape and reading from his diary added a high degree of humanity and pride to the bitter war experience, as revealed by historians.
Secondly, I was amazed to hear Nicholas D. talking about his thoughts and feelings of discovering another kind of Romania. He has a great, warm voice, full of empathy. My wife and I could hardly believe that in fact he was not a professional narrator.
I am not sure if you remember, but last time we went out almost two years ago, you asked us (me and Stefan) what we were mostly proud about being Romanian. Your question puzzled us because we had never thought about this issue before, and we were at great pains trying to figure out what to answer. For my part, I still don't have a clear-cut answer. But after seeing the movie, I could understand clearly why Nick is so proud of his Romanian origin and heritage.

Bogdan G. (Bucharest)

Great job with the film! Excellent! I am impressed by the combination between real facts and local flavour, both of them expressed through a very artistical approach! And there is a great documentation effort behind all.

Alin D. (Bucharest)

Je vous dis que durant ces temps de crise multiple, globale et locale, il est un vrai bonheur de voir a la tele un tel documentaire. Il est vraiement un petit roman ou cronique de famille qui depasse, en tant que realite vecue, toute imagination. Nicholas a tres bien explique aussi a la tele ses efforts techniquement innovatifs pour le realiser. Encore une fois mes felicitations sinceres ! Tout ceci est en meme temps une page historique de grande valeur documentaire.

Teodor M. (Brasov)