NEW 2013: "AMERICAN OASIS: Harvesting Water"


The project is being developed in collaboration with:
- The Desert Oasis Initiative (University of Arizona) see
- UNESCO's International Traditional Knowledge Institute (Florence, Italy)
- The Maria Nobrega Foundation (UK, Brazil, US, and Romania)
- The Heritage Channel (UNESCO)

"The Tucson Oasis Initiative is a collaborative vision to integrate traditional knowledge, skills, and practices from centuries of preceding desert communities and modern ideas and technologies into a sustainable future for the deserts of North America."

An interactive multi-media style is being designed by Kogainon Films for delivery on mobile 'touch-sceen' devices (iPad, etc) as well as normal PCs. Current generation mobile devices (iPad) are light-weight, portable, and provide high quality image resolution. Most importantly they provide much greater physical interactivity through new generation touch-screen technology. This physical interactivity is increasingly recognized as an important ingredient to strengthening a viewer's internalization of information.

Producer: Dan Dimancescu
Director: Kyle Brandse
Dir. of Photography: Nora Agapi
Witer: Reed Karaim
Graphics/Animations: Dan Marino

Documentary Productions:

2009 - Hill 789
2010 - Knights of the Sky
2012 - Decoding Dacia

2013 - American Oasis Making Of

Top: Map showing boundaries of proposed National Heritage Area
Top Lft: Dan Dimancescu (Pdcr), Kyle Brandse (Dir), Nora Agapi (Dir Photo)
Btm Lft:
Kyle Brandse, Nora Agapi with Jesus Garcia at Tumacacori Mission
Top Rt:
Sterling Johnson & Dan Dimancescu at Tohono O'odham farm site
Btm Rt: Ronnie Otero and Reed Karaim (writer)
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